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Mindpool lets you tap into multiple leading AI models with a single query. Get the answers you’re looking for. Spark the ideas that will fuel your work, creativity, and curiosity.

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Leverage the world’s leading AI models

Different AI models have different strengths. Our tool sends your queries to an assortment of models that you select, so whether you’re doing research, tackling a creative writing project, or generating marketing ideas, you can easily and efficiently find the model that’s best for your specific use case.

Your data is secure

  • Mindpool uses "pass-through" APIs to connect your queries with the AI models you select. This means we won't hold onto your data or use it for training purposes.
  • We believe the outputs you generate are yours. No one else can see them and they are yours to do with as you wish.
  • As soon as you clear your cookies, any data stored on your browser from these interactions is deleted.

Maximize useful outputs

  • Standards across AI providers vary when it comes to acceptable use, content filtering, and moderation. Our tool allows you to find which models are best equipped to deliver for your use case.
  • The output of AI models can reflect biases present in the data that was used to train them. They can also “hallucinate” false information. Our tool helps you get the best, most accurate responses by letting you compare the output of multiple models.



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